Expandable Blocks

Better-structure your content with an expand/collapse pattern.
A short and sweet one today, we're happy to introduce to you the Expandable block.
Ever wanted to make a bunch of content collapsed by default?

What is it?

The Expandable block lets you create expandable-or-collapsible blocks in your content. Super useful for things like FAQs or multi-stepped documentation that would otherwise make for long and unruly pages.

How do I use it?

Select the 'Expandable' option in the editor palette (CMD + / on Mac, CTRL + / on Windows) to add the block wherever you need it.
Enter a title or short description for the block, hit Return or tap the block's chevron icon to expand the block and start adding more content.

Best practices

The expandable block is best used when you know you have discrete pieces of content that won't all be relevant to any single reader at a given time. It's great for things like FAQs and multi-stepped content.

Example: FAQs

How can I contribute to Super Cool Project?
How is Super Cool Project different to Other Cool Project?
Can I donate to Super Cool Project?
Does Super Cool Project have a Code of Conduct?

Example: Multi-stepped content

Heads up: these steps include example install and bash commands. Don't run them, just in case.
Step 1: Install the Super Cool Project package
Step 2: Write your first Super Cool component
Step 3: Get familiar with props


We've had a lot of feedback asking for blocks like this and while it's a pretty simple addition to the editor, there's a bunch of new possibilities to explore when creating your content.