30 April: Broken link detection and GitBook AI comes out of beta

Broken link detection for internal links, AI features are officially graduating, plus some other small but useful updates and bug fixes throughout the app

✨ New

  • Broken link detection – We’ve added a new way to find and fix broken links in your spaces for users on our Pro plan. When you open a change request or edit a space you’ll see a notification that shows broken links. Right now, this shows links to other GitBook pages, but we plan to add more link types in future! Head to our docs to find out more.

  • GitBook AI is coming out of beta! – After a long period of testing and improvement, today we’re bringing AI search and AI writing and editing out of beta. They’ll now be available as part of the Pro and Enterprise plans. Head to our docs to learn more about how GitBook AI search and GitBook AI writing can supercharge your content.

➕ Improved

  • We’ve improved the rendering speed of drawings in the editor. Your drawing should now appear immediately after you finish editing it, rather than displaying a fallback image while it loads.

🔧 Fixed

Below is a list of bug fixes also included in this release:

  • Fixed a bug that stopped some embedded content displaying properly in a published space.

  • Fixed an issue that meant content was still editable during operations like merging or updating a change request.

  • Fixed an issue that meant some search results had an invalid path, which could lead to broken links.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause empty inline Math formulas to prevent Git Sync from working properly.

  • Fixed a bug that could delete some content if you had two bullet lists and tried to merge them by hitting enter on the top list.

We're constantly working on improving the way you and your team work in GitBook, and value your input on features, bugs, and more. Make sure you head to our official GitBook Community to join the discussion.

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