15 December 22: Editor improvements, and more

We've worked on GitBook's overall editor experience, improving reliability, copy/paste from multiple sources and speedy shortcuts.


Copy/Paste from Google Docs

Copying and pasting content from Google Docs into GitBook is now faster and more reliable, maintaining the formatting and structure of content created in Google Docs. Headings, lists, and more save their formatting as you paste them in GitBook.

  • Copy/pasting from Google Docs will maintain the formatting.

Copy/Paste from VS Code

Copying and pasting content from VS Code will now automatically paste as a code block, auto-formatting and styling your code in it's detected language.

  • Code pasting from VSCode should now be more reliable.

  • Pasted code in GitBook will automatically paste as a code block.

Copy/Paste from Google Sheets and Excel

Copy and pasting content from Google Sheets and Excel now automatically creates a table for you and maintains the position of each cell, row, and column. It's also easier to work with tables.

  • Copy/paste from Excel will automatically paste as a table

  • Make it possible to select an entire table from its border.

Inline palette in the editor

Adding inline images, links, emojis and others is now easier with our inline palette. It can be triggered by hitting / in the editor.

  • Add inline controls shortcut /

  • Add page linking to the inline palette

We've also made improvements to the following:

  • Dropping a file on the Editor should now be more reliable.

  • Improved performance and image loading.


Below is a list of bug fixes also included in this release:

  • Fix an issue where we were not correctly calculating diffs and conflicts for text with marks.

  • Fix Edit button not responding after first click.

  • Fix an issue where cyclic OpenAPI schemas wouldn't generate any examples.

  • Fixed an issue where unsaved content would not be shown in diff view.

  • Fix re-ordering and hiding of table columns.

  • Fix diff and merge of documents with images or links.

  • Fix an issue where the embed would fail if the returned icon did not contain a protocol.

We're constantly working on improving the way you and your team work in GitBook, and value your input on features, bugs, and more. Make sure you head to our official GitBook Community to join the discussion.

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