3 November 22: Public docs, integrations, and more

This release was an exciting one, bringing plenty of new features.

Public docs revamp with new customization options

The layout and styling has been modernized!

  • The search box is now located in the top-right corner on both desktop and mobile.

  • Heading sizes have been improved. In general they are smaller than before, with the exception of a larger page title when viewing on a mobile device.

  • Header links are right-aligned on desktop, and visible by clicking on a links menu on mobile.

  • Horizontal lines associated with the page title and with other headings have been removed.

And, we've brought in a number of new customization options to help you better match your public docs to your own branding:

  • Additional font options. Folks subscribed to our Pro and Enterprise plans now have the option to choose from Overpass, Noto Sans, IBM Plex Serif, Poppins and Fira Sans.

  • Straight or rounded corners. The option defaults to rounded, but you can decide which works best for your documentation.

  • Header sub-links, which are displayed as a dropdown menu.


We've released a lot of new integrations! Find out more about the integrations we offer and how to integrate them with your GitBook documentation:

Card view for tables

Card view will help you to build beautiful landing pages in GitBook. Card view is a new way to display table data, so it's possible to convert existing tables to make use of card view. Find out more about card view in our documentation.


These improvements aren't visible to all, but are very important for folks who use screen readers.

  • Images now have an empty alt tag by default, which signals that they are purely decorative, and will therefore be ignored by screen readers. (Alt text can be added to images if you'd like!)

  • We've added labels to the search box, the button that closes the table of contents on mobile, and to the link on the custom logo for a space.

  • We've improved semantics for tables.


  • The page title for each page now uses the H1 tag.

  • Heading 1, 2, and 3 blocks now use the H2, H3, and H4 tags, respectively.

PDF export

Improvements have been made to the rendering of titles and page covers, and to page breaks to avoid content blocks being split across multiple pages.


In addition to card view, we've made editing tables and their content even easier. You can now open a row to edit its content in a pop-up.

The GitBook interface

You'll now see sub-menus for some settings within the GitBook app, for example when setting links, working with tables, setting the syntax for code blocks, moving a space, and more. This should make it even easier for you to select the options you want.

We've also made some changes to the customize screen, in line with the new customization features we've shipped.

Bug fixes

  • Previously, if a custom logo was set at the collection level, that logo was not being correctly inherited by spaces within the collection. That's resolved!

  • If you invited a user to your organization via SSO, you might not have seen the SSO badge to indicate this. We've taken care of that!

  • Tab blocks used to switch back to the first tab when some types of content were added to another tab. That doesn't happen any more!

  • We've improved support for Grammarly in the GitBook editor.

Final notes

We have also:

  • Made some more improvements to GitBook's performance.

  • Released more under-the-hood tweaks and minor bug fixes.

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