4 March: Huge improvements to your published documentation

Your published sites are getting a big update, with a new look, better performance, extra customization, improved OpenAPI blocks, a redesigned PDF experience and more

✨ New

  • A new, modern look and feel – Your published now have a more streamlined layout that makes information easier to read. You’ll also notice some neat visual improvements across your docs, such as animated hint icons.

  • New customization options – You can now change the background color of your published page. Choose between a plain background, or subtly change the color to match your theme.

  • Auto-detect light or dark mode – Your published docs will now automatically detect whether the user’s device is set to light or dark mode, and adjust the theme to match it.

  • Multi-space search – You can now also search across multiple published spaces — which is great when you have a published collection and want to let users find information across it all.

  • Head to our documentation to see these new features in action!

➕ Improved

  • Improved performance – You’ll notice improved loading performance across all your published content. Pages should load faster, feel snappier, and generally give your readers a better experience.

  • Better OpenAPI blocks – The new OpenAPI block displays information like sample code to use an endpoint, the shape of a response, and a detailed list of attributes — all based on your API definition. So you can see all the information you need to use the API at a glance, and it’s easy to navigate between response types and languages for sample calls.

  • A redesigned PDF export experience – If you allow users to export your published content as a PDF, it’s now faster and easier than ever — and it produces even better results.

  • Improved code block syntax highlighting – We’ve improved the way syntax is highlighted in a code block, to make code easier to parse on the page.

  • Removed the API method block – As we mentioned in our recent announcement, we’ve deprecated the API method block. Instead, you can now use the insert palette to add the API Reference option, which adds a preset selection of blocks to add API information manually.

🔧 Fixed

  • Fixed a bug that caused flickering in the search window when you used AI search.

  • Pressing Enter in the title of an expanded block now opens the block. And expandable

  • Fixed an issue where some complex emojis were represented by multiple emojis, rather than the single correct emoji.

  • Fixed an issue that could make tab headers uneditable.

  • Fixed a bug that caused some headers and some avatars to appear too large.

  • Fixed a visual bug that occurred when multiple users were on the same page and had the same block selected.

  • Fixed a bug in the modal that appeared near the end of the trial that caused text to misalign.

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