Cover Images

Give your pages a bit more life with cover images

You can now add cover images to your GitBook pages to add a bit of character and context to your individual pages.

What are they?

Cover images are images that show at the top of your page. Depending on the header theme you've selected, cover images will either appear directly below your header (for bold, dark, or light headers) or at the very top of the browser window (for 'none' header theme option)

How to use them

Hit the page's menu icon to open a dropdown of actions. You'll see 'Add cover' in that list. Hit that, and you'll get a nice new area at the top of your page to manage its cover image.

You'll see one of the GitBook default images at first, but you can hit 'Change Cover' to upload your own cover, or select one from the existing files in your space. You can remove or reposition a cover image at any time.

Best practices

Use cover images to enhance the appearance of a page, apply a touch of branding, or contextualize your content.

Good to know: page headers will resize as the browser width changes, and cover images will render just as any other object-fit: cover image would. We recommend using images that either have a centred focal point, or where you don't mind users seeing different crops based on their window size or device orientation. Check out the Castor Docs for a great example of this kind of approach!

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