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Hot off the press, it's GitBook's new releases

GitBook 3.0 is here

We've made major improvements and shipped new features to two main areas of the product: public documentation and integrations.

Public docs

We've rolled out a refreshed, modernized look for public docs, and we hope that you love the updated design as much as we do!
The layout has been updated in a few places. For example, you'll notice that the search box is now located in the top-right corner, and the header links are right-aligned next to the search box. Those header links can now have sub-links, which will be displayed as a dropdown menu:
An example of sub-links in the header
One of the more noticeable changes is the rounded corners that have been applied to many elements on the page. This is customizable — all documentation will default to using rounded, but you can choose between rounded and straight corners. It's one more way that your GitBook documentation can more closely match your organization's branding.
Additional customization options that we've released include more font options (Overpass, Noto Sans, IBM Plex Serif, Poppins and Fira Sans) and footers!
Additionally, we've made some changes to heading sizes and styling. The horizontal lines previously associated with some headings are gone, and we've reduced the size of most headings for a cleaner look and feel.

Build landing pages with new editing block: cards

The new card block feature allows you to build a landing page layout and convert existing tables into cards.


GitBook's newly released integrations
We've shipped plenty of additional integrations, which will allow you to further improve your documentation workflow. Embed Jira issues, Run Kit notebooks, Figma artboards, live Sentry reporting and more. Centralize all your technical knowledge in GitBook and connect it to your codebase with Git Sync.

Learn more about each integration:

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