22 May: GitBook AI gets a GPT-4o upgrade and new diagramming skills

We’ve migrated our AI to use the latest model, so asking questions and generating content will have even better results — plus we’ve added AI diagrams to our drawing tool

✨ New

  • We’ve added GPT-4o to our list of AI models, which means AI search, writing and editing in the GitBook app is now powered by the new and improved GPT model. You should notice faster responses, better understanding of your questions and requests, and an improved output.

  • Talking of AI, we’ve just rolled out an update to our drawing tool that can create diagrams from a prompt. Simply describe the diagram you want and hit Generate to get an output in seconds. They’re fully editable, too — so you can dive in and tweak the layout as much as you like. As with our other AI features, this is available to everyone on a Pro or Enterprise plan.

🔧 Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes matching an invalid URL could return a 500 error and crash the app.

  • Fixed some accessibility issues to make the app easier to navigate with a keyboard.

  • Fixed an issue where the editor would stay in read-only mode even after you disabled diff view in a change request or when viewing an old version of a space.

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