24 July: Iterating, improving, fixing

We’ve made some small (but mighty) quality-of-life improvements with our latest releases

We’ve been hard at work making improvements under the hood so GitBook works even better in your day-to-day.


  • Added an API endpoint to list all the change requests in a space.

  • Added support for favicons on iOS, so you can now see the favicon if you add a GitBook page in your home screen.

  • Top-level blocks now have a plus button on the left to quickly create new blocks above or below it.

  • We disabled the option to merge a change request when Git sync is already running both on the API and in the editor. This prevents conflicts during merges.

  • Google Translate will no longer translate code blocks when you use it on a page.

  • The formatting toolbar got a fresh coat of paint. It now features new icons, plus we made it a little larger and added a hover animation to make it easier to select the tool you need.

🔧 Fixed

  • Fixed whitespace added at the bottom of the document when an expandable block is collapsed.

  • Fixed a bug where duplicating a Space would carry over previous git metadata in its revision files.

  • Fixed some small issues with the sidebar styling for comments and page options.

  • Fixed PDF rendering in quote and hint blocks.

  • Fixed an issue where GitHub authentication was failing and preventing users from signing in.

  • Fixed an issue where inline images wouldn’t always render in published spaces.

  • Fixed an issue where larger code blocks would have incorrect styling for line numbers.

  • Fixed the broken link at the bottom of the in-app integrations modal. It now directs to our developer documentation.

We’re constantly working on improving the way you and your team work in GitBook, and value your input on features, bugs, and more. Make sure you head to our official GitBook Community to join the discussion.

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