29 June: More customization options and our new integrations platform

Powerful page options give you more control, plus we have a new platform so you can build your own integrations for GitBook!

Last month we told you about some customization improvements that help you create branded public content for light and dark mode. And now we have even more to share — plus some big news about our integrations platform.

✨ New

Our new Integrations platform

We’ve opened up our integration platform to the public, which means you (and anyone else) can now build custom integrations that suit you and your team’s workflows.

Now, you can build on top of the ways that you’re already using our app, uniting your tech stack and streamlining the way you work, collaborate and share knowledge.

Find out more in our blog post.

Improved Page Options

The new Page Options menu gives you granular control over every individual page, so you can tweak things like page layout presets and cover image sizing. Plus, you can now drag cards to reorder them — and naturally they look great in the full-width mode we added recently, too.

Find out more about all these improvements (including those we announced last month) in our blog post.

➕ Improved

  • Cards now have some top spacing to avoid the control buttons interfering with the text.

  • You can now drag and drop cards directly on the page, as well as dragging and dropping sections within the card modal.

  • Added a ‘reviewing’ feature to change requests, so you can now review change requests, and request a review from others.

  • Enhanced the controls for image blocks with a collapsible panel, and set the color of the controls to match light or dark mode.

  • Added Git Sync support for Page Options.

  • Improved the transition when toggling between light and dark modes in public content.

  • Added a search parameter, organization members and member subscriptions to the API.

  • Added filtering by visibility property when listing spaces in the /orgs/:organizationId/spaces API endpoint.

  • You can now filter by the status of the last Git Sync operation for the listSpacesInOrganizationById endpoint. You can also expose Git Sync information via the API.

  • Added APIs to fetch integrations on a published space, and install and uninstall integrations.

  • Added feedback score to the CSV export in Insights.

  • Increased the clickable area of the comment input box to make it easier to select.

  • Updated the copy on the Create Organization screen to make it easier to understand.

  • If you install an integration from outside the app, it will now default to installing the integration to an organization you’re a part of rather than your personal organization.

  • Swapped the order of theme mode and preset panel in Customize panel.

🔧 Fixed

  • Fixed an unexpected error that could occur when creating a change request.

  • Fixed a bug in the hint block that stopped you from changing the icon and theme by clicking it.

  • Fixed a bug where GitSync would not mark as failed in cases where it fails to boot.

  • Fixed a visual bug where the hint text to exit a block was overlapping other content.

  • Fixed an issue where blocks were re-rendering more than necessary, which was impacting performance.

  • Fixed a bug that occasionally hid the merge button when working on a change request.

  • Fixed a visual bug that meant an organization’s logo would sometimes show white lines on the corners when viewed in dark mode.

  • Fixed a regression on search analytics missing context.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the PDF modal opening when editing a change request.

  • Fixed a bug that made the light/dark mode toggle appear very small on mobile.

  • Fixed an issue where dropping a file on FileManager would get stuck in a dragging state.

  • Fixed an issue so the page now scrolls to the right section when clicking on a search result in public docs.

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