30 November 22: Annotations, footnotes, and more

We’ve added more ways to provide contextual information for your visitors, as well as improvements to expandable blocks and several bug fixes.


  • You can now add inline text annotations! Easily provide useful secondary information with content blocks that expand upon clicking. It’s a handy way to provide additional context without breaking a reader’s train of thought.

  • We’ve also added support for footnotes in Markdown, which are imported into GitBook as inline annotations.

  • Expandable blocks now have an anchor link you can copy and paste. Additionally, we now expand a block automatically when the page is accessed. This allows you to quickly direct visitors to a specific part of your documentation.


  • Better handling of errors in calls to our API, specifically when listing spaces.


  • Fix an issue where heading anchors were undefined when target immediately after they were created.

  • You can now use drag and drop to move a space to a collection that is nested inside another collection.

  • When using the inline palette, it should now have the focus return to the editor after closing it.

  • Fix pasting tables for certain websites.

  • Fix an issue where duplicated characters are sometimes inserted when typing in code blocks.

  • Fix page outlines that were too big, now they should be scrollable for viewing the entire list.

  • Fix an issue where focus would be trapped in a popover when selecting math equations.

  • Fix an issue where diff view would incorrectly show that text had changed if the number of words in the paragraph had changed.

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