31 May: Introducing docs sites, the new way to publish content in GitBook

We’ve revamped the way you publish content in GitBook by bringing all your published content together, along with all the settings and features related to publishing.

We’re slowly rolling out the changes below to existing users before we roll them out to everyone. If you don’t see them in your GitBook app yet, stay tuned — they should appear for you in the next few weeks.

✨ New

  • Docs sites in the sidebar – You’ll now see a new Docs sites section of the sidebar. Here, you can view all your published content in one place, quickly move between different sites, and manage each site individually.

  • Insights have a new home – Insights now live in the Docs site area, right alongside each site. This makes it much easier to find insights for the content you want. Simply select a site, then click the Insights tab to view page ratings and search analytics for that site’s content.

  • Publish the same space on multiple sites – If you need to publish different combinations of spaces for different user groups, you can now do it effortlessly. Link a single space to as many sites as you want — you can even customize them all differently to match branding or styling requirements.

  • You can read about all these updates and learn more about docs sites in our documentation preview.

➕ Improved

  • We now automatically enable GitBook AI features (including search and editing) when you create or upgrade an organization on the Pro plan, so you can immediately start making the most of your plan’s features.

  • We’re drawing a clearer line between integrations that are dedicated to publishing and those that are focused on editing or adding content to a space. So now, integrations like Google Analytics and Mailchimp will live alongside sites, while integrations like Linear, Mermaid and Supademo will stay with spaces.

We're constantly working on improving the way you and your team work in GitBook, and value your input on features, bugs, and more. Make sure you head to our official GitBook community to join the discussion.

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