30 November: A huge update for GitBook

New integrations, a more modern design, better performance, and new features to help you audit and improve your content

✨ New

There’s a lot to talk about this month! To read more about our epic release, head over to our announcement blog post. Or read on below to get a quick summary, plus more details on smaller changes.

  • An improved Slack integration (beta) – Got useful knowledge in a thread? You can now summon our Slack bot in a message thread and it’ll extract the essential information and summarize it in your knowledge base, so you and your team can find and use it later. You can also ask our Slack bot a question and it’ll use GitBook AI to answer it using information in your knowledge base.

  • A new VS Code integration (alpha) – With this new integration, you can capture knowledge while you code. Just narrate a process while you work, and GitBook will combine your actions and voiceover into documentation. And just like in Slack, you can also access useful docs right in VS Code, just by asking a question.

  • See your knowledge snippets (beta) – All the knowledge you capture using the new Slack and VS Code integrations will appear in the new Snippets page, where you can edit them, copy them to a specific section of your knowledge base, and more. GitBook AI indexes all these snippets automatically, and will use them in answers when you ask a question.

  • Improved content insights (closed beta) – Insights now live on their own page, accessible from the sidebar. The new Content audit tab uses AI to show pages that feature contradictory information, or duplicated content. So you can find outdated pages that need your attention, and quickly add updated knowledge. Apply to get access directly from the GitBook app.

  • A new design – We’ve overhauled the design of our entire app, added new icons and streamlined the sidebar to make everything cleaner and more modern

➕ Improved

  • We’ve added a Show/Hide button for the table of contents, so you can temporarily collapse it and focus on your content if you wish.

  • You can now create new collections and spaces, or import your content, using the + button next to the Documentation section title — giving you more space to view content in the sidebar.

  • We’ve moved the Trash to the bottom of the sidebar, and opening it now opens a new page so it’s easier to find a deleted space or collection.

  • We’ve made the sidebar slightly wider so you can see more of those long space and collection titles.

  • You’ll now see a quick animation when you open and close side panels for a smoother feel.

  • We’ve changed the Activity side panel to focus on the changes made in your version history.

  • You’ll find a new font — Favorit — in the customization options for published spaces.

  • We’ve changed the text in the search bar to say Ask or search, to make it more obvious that you can ask GitBook AI a question about your content and get an answer in seconds.

  • You can now comment on a whole page using the new Comment on page button above the header.

🔧 Fixed

  • Fixed an oversized alert on the notifications icon.

  • Fixed some visual issues with side panels and tabbed blocks in dark mode.

  • Fixed some minor spacing issues in the new sidebar.

  • Fixed an issue that scrolled to the top of a page when you selected a specific comment from the side panel.

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes cause the page to reload when you opened the comments side panel.

  • Fixed a bug that showed the user avatar in the wrong place when writing a new comment.

We’re constantly working on improving the way you and your team work in GitBook, and value your input on features, bugs, and more. Make sure you head to our official GitBook Community to join the discussion!

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