4 August 22: Code blocks, invites, and more

Code block line highlighting

You can now highlight lines in code blocks to even-better show your readers the important stuff.

Code wrapping on/off

It's now possible to toggle line wrapping on and off within code blocks.

Show/hide line numbers in code blocks

You can now toggle line numbers on/off for each of your code blocks. Line numbers are off by default now, to match how most other tools (hi GitHub πŸ‘‹) show snippets.

You can always turn line numbers on for full-file code blocks and/or where it makes sense – like tutorials!

Better inviting for spaces and collections

It's now way more clear whether you'll be inviting new members as guests or 'full-fat' org members.

Configurable default role for email domain SSO

You can now set which role you want members to have when they sign in via email domain SSO. Previously this was fixed to the editor role and had to be changed manually.

πŸ› And don't forget the bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where syntax highlight was bugging out with multi-line comments in code blocks.

  • Fixed 'heap out of memory' issues to improve Git sync.

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