7 April 23: Block selection and upcoming improvements to the GitBook editor

We're opening a series of improvements to our editor by enabling block selection and interactions on selected blocks.

Block selection is the first step towards many more improvements we're planning on the GitBook editor. You'll be soon able to drag and drop selected blocks to reorganize a page in an eye blink, or click and drag your mouse to select blocks at once.

✨ New

As a first of many upcoming improvements to the editor, we're introducing block selection!

Block selection enables you to select a set of blocks using the Esc key, and swiftly copy, cut, or delete them. This makes manipulating documents more efficient: try it out!

🚀 More to come

We are working on improving your editing experience and have the following updates planned:

  • Full-width blocks for better readability of large blocks such as tables, or images...

  • Improvements to our most used block types: tables, images, lists, hints and expandable

  • Performance improvements, getting the interface snappier even on large documents

  • ...and many more

Stay tuned, and happy editing ✍️

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