07 February 23: Monorepos, customized commit messages, and more

More flexibility with Git Sync and some new designs for search and change requests.

Git Sync became even more powerful with two new features: monorepos and customizable commit messages. They allow you to be even more flexible with your workflow and the way you have your docs organized in your Git repositories. Those improvements came as suggestions from our wonderful community members! We've also redesigned our search and change request panel while squashing many bugs in the process.

✨ New

Added support for Monorepos

Synchronize more than one directory from the same repository with multiple spaces. This allows you to have a single repository for multiple projects and sync them with GitBook (e.g. an iOS client and a web-application).

You can set up monorepos in the Git Sync configuration panel
  • Add configuration option for GitSync to specify a project directory to sync multiple spaces in the same monorepo.

You can read more on how to set this up in our documentation.

Customize your commit messages with Git Sync

Easily identify what change request was merged and when a commit is coming from GitBook. You can also use an Autolink feature to add the change request URL to the commit message. That way, you can click on that link, get straight to GitBook and see the changes within our editor.

Create your own template for Git Sync's commit messages
  • Add option in GitSync to use a custom template for commit messages.

  • Improve URL format for change request to use a more user-friendly version (recognizable), based on the number indicator.

You can read more on how to set this up in our documentation.

➕ Improved

We've also made improvements to the following:

  • Redesigned the search on published content.

  • Redesigned change requests sidepanel.

Redesigned search box
Redesigned change request sidepanel
  • Add a comment via submit change request modal.

  • When submitting a CR for review, notify reviewers, or creator, or admins in this order. Never notify the author.

  • Change requests are no longer automatically converted to draft when editing happens.

  • Add syntax highlighting for prisma .

  • Update the drawing editor (excalidraw), with a refreshed design and better features.

🔧 Fixed

Below is a list of bug fixes also included in this release:

  • Fix scroll to top when changing page on published content.

  • Fix an issue where the comment emoji button had disappeared.

  • Clear the cache immediately for content using a share link when the share link is revoked.

  • Fix app crash from opening Integrations tab where user doesn't have proper permissions.

  • Fix bug after opening drawing modal where elements are hard to select and drawing doesn't draw at the right location on the screen.

  • Fix error when posting comments on the main content.

  • Fix sitemaps links for collections using a custom domain.

We're constantly working on improving the way you and your team work in GitBook, and value your input on features, bugs, and more. Make sure you head to our official GitBook Community to join the discussion.

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